Performance & Security

Performance & Security are very sensitive areas when you advance to virtualization and cloud computing. Many companies step back from a cloud (even a private cloud) approach because they do not trust performance & security of such an environment. Let us proof them wrong: we have helped companies of all sizes to operate their business critical applications in a virtualized environment - even faster and more secure then ever before.


Long before companies thought about running databases like Oracle in a virtual environment, we ran such in production for our customers. People thought that Exchange could never run virtual; we have shown that it can even perform better than on a physical environment. Also when it comes to tuning we have subject matter experts around all major business applications: Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, Exchange. You name them, we have the experts to run your application in virtualization or cloud environments.


Security is a must have if you want to run a truly efficient virtual private cloud. We have been advising governments, military and several small to large scale companies on how to operate a trusted, secure environment without airgap. Running DMZ and production systems on the same physical hardware is no longer a security risk if done the right way. We have specialists to show you how to run a truly secure private cloud.