Knowledge Management

Many companies struggle heavily to transfer the in-mind knowledge of their employees and convert it into reusable content and knowledge for the entire company. We work for years with Atlassian to bring highly agile, state of the art solutions into companies to help them accelerate knowledge and process transfer without being bound by fixed boundaries.

Atlassian Jira

Modern IT processes need modern tools to replicate them electronically. Not only for day-to-day operations, but also development and project roll outs Jira has proven to be best in class. It offers many add-ons for integration in external tools as well as a customizable UI, process designer and reporting functionalities.

Atlassian Confluence

Wiki's are all around our daily life and work, whereas for years classic encyclopedias have done excellent jobs. Nowadays we use Wikipedia as our information source. We leverage the enterprise wiki confluence from atlassian to bring an even more flexible solution for their knowledge transfer and integration.