Technology Consulting

comdivision consulting is backed by a number of experts, each with more than 20 years of consulting experience in IT management and integration. We always find ourselves ahead of the newest technology trends. Our clients look for our experience to point them in the correct direction when it comes to technology and IT strategy. IT consultants should be aware of the client's business industry, business trends and requirements so that they are optimally answer the following key questions:

Which solution should I use, how much should I pay, what features do I need, what about adding these set of components, where will this solution run, how much do I need to invest?

  • IT-Strategy
  • Architecture and System Design
  • Software Licensing

When it comes to IT-Strategy we first need to understand our client's business needs, because we think it is important to identify the daily need for operating and optimising a business from an IT perspective. Many companies struggle with all the offerings in the market.

Define your key requirements by asking yourself: "what fits for my company, what do I really need to operate my business?" before considering "should I chose vendor A or B? Do I need to start my journey to the cloud?" etc.

IT-Strategy should also be adressing your needs for more than just the upcoming few months, it should take your IT to a level where you have planning consistency for several years. That is why we work differently: we first analyze your companies true daily operational needs and then build the IT-Strategy around it.

The question should always be "what does your company need to operate most efficiently?" and which technology fits best instead of building our customer's company around the IT-Strategy.

Our highly skilled and award winning architects can help you to convert your IT-Strategy into a working IT-Architecture. Starting from system architecture and design we ensure that you get the environment your business can rely on.

Our professional services team can then help customers to move from a design level to an integration level. We even have our own customer lab environment, which allows us to build even the most complex IT environments as a proof of concept without the need to change any of your internal systems.

Once that system architecture and design has been put to test for you, we help you to make the switch. Another key component in our approach is knowledge transfer, while our customers can outsource operation of their IT infrastructure to us, our main goal is to transfer our knowledge towards our customers IT department.

Modern IT has changed not only from a technology approach but also from a legal approach. Many of our customers find it challenging to stay up to date with the most modern software licensing terms and conditions.

We have a dedicated team of people helping our customers to audit and setup a proper licensing for products from vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and others.