comdivision consulting has a dedicated support team allowing our customers to rely on us for their second and third level. Besides online support via our central ticket system, we provide 24/7, "follow the sun" support based on our operation centers in Germany and the United States.


Over the years, our team of experts has helped many customers when needed most. Especially when you experience a datacenter outage or serious performance issue you need specialists you can depend on. Not only is our support team award winning, it also includes some of the best experts for virtualisation, network, storage and cloud computing around the globe. And should we not have an immediate solution, our dedicated vendor network helps us identify the appropriate resource for you. Please notice that 24/7 troubleshooting support is only available for customers with active support agreements.

Second Level Support

The majority of our customers have a dedicated First Level Support team which deals with the daily operational, and mostly end user centric support requests. Not every organization can afford to have full vendor support for every product they use, so we are happy to provide Second Level Support for the majority of our customers products. This helps our customers to reduce maintenance and support costs while maintaining a high SLA.

Third Level-Support

For those customers which have their own First and Second Level Support, we offer a Third Level Expert Support team with 24/7 direct connect. Customers signing up for these services get access to two committed support resources which are available around the clock. These dedicated resources will conduct a quick problem analysis, allowing us to assign appropriate resources and identify the solution quickly. Dedicated resources also make communication easier, as customers do not need to explain the environment first. This is the most effective support for companies with internal operations support.