Project Management

We support our customers in all stages of project management. It has been proven during the last decade that classic project management approaches very often fail for IT-projects, simply because by the time the project wraps up, the original requirements have changed. Based on that experience we run most of our projects in a highly agile fashion - not only allowing changes during the project, but demanding it.

Project Planning

For many customers an agile approach is new and unfamiliar; many have the opinion that agile might work for software development, but not for the implementation of a new IT-Strategy. Based on our experience, backed up by more than 20 years of service, we can easily proof that it works perfectly. Our customers see an agile approach as the future for IT implementation and strategy projects, simply because they want to build an agile IT instead of a static infrastructure. We invite new customers to envision our approach and to learn from our experience.

Project Direction and Team Lead

As we integrate new approaches for project planning, we assist many customers in operating their IT-projects. Following a mentorship style, we first take over full responsibility to then hand it step by step over to to the designated Project Manager. In a tightly integrated approach this offers even the ability to help out if our customer's IT Project Manager is unavailable for a certain timeframe.

Quality Assurance

One of the biggest challenges in an agile IT project is quality assurance. For example if we see a performance issue being a project in itself, then one of the key steps is to define what would mark a positive project result. A simple "it was faster before and needs to be fast again" is not acceptable, what we look for is measurable, like "opening a word document shall be completed in 15 seconds". One needs to define clear project goals so that quality assurance can truly be measured.