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VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Analyze and Predict (VCOPS)
  • Matthias Eisner
  • Jens Hennig
  • Yves Sandfort
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VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Analyze and Predict [V5.x]

- Formats: Classroom, Live Online, Onsite
- Length: 3 Days

This class was developed by comdivision for VMware Inc.


This course for experienced users of VMware® vSphere® teaches skills in the use of VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™ as a forensic and predictive tool. The course is based on VMware ESXi™ 5.x, VMware® vCenter Server™ 5.x, and vCenter Operations Manager 5.x.


  • Understand major and minor badges and their underlying metrics.
  • Use these badges to find the root causes of common operational issues in a vSphere environment.
  • Perform capacity management and what-if analyses.
  • Use the Operations tab, the Planning tab, the Alerts tab, the Analysis tab, and the Reports tab.
  • Navigate the vCenter Operations Manager 5.0 user interface.
  • Use heat maps and create a custom heat map.
  • Use smart alerts to detect system issues.
  • Articulate the use case for the new policy structure in vCenter Operations Manager and how it can be used to define configuration settings for objects in a vSphere environment.
  • Work with groups to classify virtual objects in logical and business-related structures and how to apply them to policies.
  • Define new use cases based on the optimized integration with VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ products like VMware® vCenter Configuration Manager™, VMware® vFabric™ Hyperic®, VMware® vCenter™ Infrastructure Navigator™, and other adapters.

Intended Audience

  • Experienced system administrators and system integrators


  • Hands-on experience administering vSphere 5 deployments
  • Completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5] recommended


  1. Course Introduction
    1. Introductions and course logistics
    2. Course objectives
  2. Introduction to VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite
    1. Understand the role of operations management in the cloud era
    2. Understand the vCenter Operations Management Suite and its packaging
  3. Architecture and Concepts
    1. Understand the data collection methodology of the vCenter Operations Manager architecture
    2. Learn how vCenter Operations Manager collects data
    3. Master the main components of the dashboard view
    4. Navigate the objects tree and understand the badge pane
  4. Working with Dashboards and Badges
    1. Understand the functions of major and minor badges
    2. Use the Health major badge
    3. Use the Risk major badge
    4. Use the Efficiency major badge
    5. Use the Operations tab to navigate to details
  5. Analyzing with Heat Maps
    1. Work with predefined and custom heat maps through the Analysis tab
  6. Working with Smart Alerts
    1. Configure and use smart alerts
    2. Set up email notifications
  7. Working with Capacity Planning and Reports
    1. Schedule, use, and export predefined capacity management reports
    2. Perform what-if analyses
  8. Installing and Configuring VMware vCenter Operations Manager
    1. Understand and meet preinstallation requirements
    2. Install vCenter Operations Manager
    3. Configure vCenter Operations Manager to gather data from its environment


  1. VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite Update
    1. Discuss the VMware management suite solution and products
    2. List the key components and capabilities of vCenter Operations Management Suite
    3. Describe the main features available in each of the vCenter Operations Management Suite products and editions
  2. VMware vCenter Operations Manager v5.6 Changes
    1. Discuss configuration of policies and groups
    2. Identify basic use cases and benefits from using policies and groups
    3. Make changes to the  vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 configurations
    4. Explain changes to badges, metrics, and reports in version 5.6 of vCenter Operations Manager
  3. Integration with Other VMware Products
    1. Identify use cases for the integration of additional vCenter Operations Management Suite products
    2. Discuss integration with vCenter Operations Manager for group management
    3. Learn about new dashboard badges in vCenter Operations Manager