How to become a VCP 5?

As vSphere 5 was launched in July there is now demand to bring the education part up to the release 5 as well. Starting on 25th August 2011 VMware (incl. all VATCs worldwide) will beginn with the new "vSphere 5: What's New" classes, followed by the "vSphere 5: ICM (Install Configure Manage)" on 12th September 2011.

At VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas VMware announced a special treatment for existing VCP3 until 29th February 2012. If you currently hold a VCP3 then attending the VMware vSphere: What's New [V5] training is enough to be eligable to take the VCP5 exam, however if you do not pass until 29th February the original rules (as below) stays in place.

Second: If you have been on a VCP4 qualifying class and not yet taken the exam, you can attend the two days vSphere 5 What's New class and directly take the VCP5 exam, alternative is to take first the VCP4 exam (as long as it is existing) and then upgrade to VCP5 by taking that exam.

The following diagram illustrates the different eduction pathes to become a VCP 5:

So if you are currently VCP2 or VCP3 then you need to participate again in the "vSphere 5: ICM" class again, there is no direct upgrade path anymore.

If you hold a current VCP4 then until 29th February 2012 you can go into any Pearson VUE Test Center and participate in a VCP5 exam which will be available to the public after the 29th August 2012, beta tests should have taken place already at the time this page is launched.

If you have attended a qualifying class (vSphere 4 ICM, vSphere 4 Troubleshooting) in the past, or are currently attending one, then you need to first pass the VCP4 certification test and then have until 29th February 2012 to pass the VCP5 exam.
If you do not pass before 29th February 2012 and hold until then the VCP4 certification, then you are enforced to participate in the "vSphere 5: What's New" training.

There are no public informations in regards to advanced classes on vSphere 5, but for sure there will be some, as soon as we have public information available, we will post this into our education documents.

comdivision consulting is not a VATC (VMware Authorized Training Center), but we partner with several VATCs in delivering the new vSphere 5 training classes. Our partner VATCs are:

If you are interested in an onsite / closed training setup please contact our Sales Team, which will help you together with a VATC to setup such a special offer.

More details on the VCP 5 certification can be found in the datasheet.
Our award winning VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) Yves Sandfort has been active part of the Beta Program and is therefore authorized to teach the new classes, his schedule can be found on our event schedule.