19.08.2013 13:25 (comments: 0)

Reload inaccessible or invalid VM's with PowerCLI

Especially with NFS Storages we have identified that from time to time VMs are shown as invalid or inaccessible.

Based on this blog post we created a small powerCLI code snipped to reconnect/reload these VMs.

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11.01.2013 15:43 (comments: 0)

Unmounting an inactive datastore fails with the error: Cannot remove datastore 'datastore_name' because Storage I/O Control is enabled on it

Sometimes a datastore get's removed without being disabled and unmounted carefully from your vSphere environment.

Especially if you have Storage IO Control enabled be sure to disable it, otherwise there are issues which are not easy to solve.

However in my latest case I found an easy solution:

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22.08.2012 20:38 (comments: 0)

Is it possible to surpress specific data stores form vCenter Operations Manager Capacity calculation

A very common scenario is that companies have local disk drives/storage attached to their ESXi hosts, usually they are only used for ESXi image boot up and not for virtual machines. At the moment there is no way to exclude them only from vCenter Operations Manager capacity calculation.

A possible work around might be to use a Collector User account which can't access these storage devices, however that would also exclude them from any health or risk calculation.

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