In good company

Generics on vendor partnerships

We at comdivision see vendor partnerships not as a marketing feed, we value our partners and wanna keep a strong but also active relationship. It is a hand selected group of companies we put all our trust in and we know that they believe strongly in our capabilities to deliver best for our customers and partners. As we see our partners as personal friends we belive in the rule to have a few strong friends you can rely on than having a thousands of them which you can't depend on.


comdivision is one of Germany's leading VMware Partners. The partnership developed from 2006 onwards in a steady growth, starting with Professional status to the Enterprise Status including all Competencies and Specialisations available. We work in a tightly integrated way with VMware, and in many cases we feel like being part of the VMware brand. Not only that we have become one of the strategic partners for professional service deliverables and trainings for VMware's key accounts around the globe we also help in strengthen other VMware partner's with our key knowledge around Design, Integration, Performance and Troubleshooting. If you wanna know more about our friend-/partnership with VMware just talk to us and we will show you why we think this is far more than a vendor + integrator relationship.


based on our long standing relationship with VMware comdivision became a Solution Provider for EMC as well as most of our customers run EMC storages in ther cloud projects. comdivision is not only selling EMC products, we are also certified to install, maintain and support them. Beside that we provide training service thru EMC and our authorized instructors.


comdivision consulting is a certified and awarded VMware Solution Provider for Business Continuity solutions. With the move into virtualisation many customers also need to review there backup approach, veeam has won more awards then you could count and is clearly the best backup solution when it comes to virtualisation. Beside the solution for simple backup of VMs and file level recovery they offer solutions for integrated application backup, replication and backup validation. comdivision consulting has integrated Veeam at several customers, that's why comdivision has silver partner status moving towards gold.


comdivision and Astaro/Sophos joined a strategic partnership in 2009 based on the growing demand for a reliable firewall which can be deployed and managed the same way virtual and physical. After a tough solution review we came to the conclusion that Sophos is most likely the best solution we can deploy for our customers we joined the program. Today nearly 80% of comdivision's customers use Astaro as either there main solution or at least for comdivision maintenance services. We think that we can't expect our customers to believe in a technology we wouldn't use and therefore all our subsidaries are setup and maintained thru Sophos systems.


comdivision and CodeCentric partner on vFabric, Atlassian as well as Pentaho joint development programs.


NetApp and comdivision provide innovative storage and data management solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. This partnership allows us to provide customers the best in bread solutions based on their demand for a highly flexible storage solution for their VMware environments.


As with virtualization the complexity in the datacenter infrastructure changes our customers need more modern and flexible solutions to provide networking where needed when needed and with the performance necessary. Cisco allows us especially with the UCS server plattform to build the next generation datacenter especially build for the private cloud environments for our customers. And the Nexus infrstructure solution allows us to deliver the flexible network in physical and virtual networking for the software defined datacenter.